Since coming to the market early this year, brands have been reaching out to us to help them manage all of the various channels they use to reach out and interact with their customers, and this, made us take a deeper look at what we do as a creative agency and ultimately what we can do, to better serve our clients' needs.

As we revisited the question of who we are, what we do, and what we stand for… we realized that we've been positioned as an agency you can turn to for a creative marketing solution. This positioning is true… but this is really only a small portion of what we offer. What we really offer is a brand strategy that gets executed creatively.

This evolution has occurred mainly because clients always need more from us as a creative agency, than just creative work. They need insights. They need innovation. They need to identify and seize new opportunities. Going even deeper, they need to understand the reasoning behind every approach we take so that they can find a solid reason to why they should rally behind the approach.

What our clients really need is a partner that can manage both the strategic and creative aspects of their brand. A partner that understands their brand, their consumer and what it will take to connect the two.

So, after weeks of restructuring, we're realigning and redefining our positioning in the market to ensure we are seen as a creative strategic partner for our clients. A partner that uses strategy to drive creative solutions while offering sustainable business decisions. That's our positioning… a positioning based around our new model - a model and a methodology we're calling Apparatus Narratives™

Apparatus Narratives™ is based on our internal doctrine that a brand is this complex structure of touch-points, touch-points that are networked with each other. When these touch-points are working cohesively, they create an ecosystem that is brought to life through a common narrative, a narrative is based on a brand's positioning and promise. If the positioning and promise is based on strategic objectives and consumer insights… then the brand stands a much greater chance of connecting deeply with their consumers and developing a brand preference.

As we attempt to develop this shiny, easy to understand message for your brand, we also end up not only developing the brand and its go-to-market strategy... but we also innovate the offering and develop new, modern, and creative web platforms, that enable you to seamlessly reach a larger customer base while also identifying new sales opportunities.

This approach creates some great and solid solutions/tools for your brand and it comes as a result of our newly crafted Apparatus Narratives™ model. We really feel that this positioning shift is going to equate in some great achievements for our esteemed clients and we can't wait to share their success stories.

Quick Insight: Establishing an effective client partnership
One key thing that you want to nature from the start of any project, is pretty much, heavy inclusion of the client in every bit of the development stage.