We recently took sometime to re-invent our positioning as a creative agency and published an article on our new Apparatus Narratives™ model, where we talked about our positioning and responsibility to bring innovative solutions to our partners.

Apparatus Narratives™: Re-inventing what we stand for as an agency
As we revisited the question of who we are, what we do, and what we stand for… we realized that we’ve been

Taking a glimpse at the role of innovation in our design process.

When thinking of product design and innovation, it’s easy to think of Apple, who is known for their successful innovations. Apple as a brand creates very  similar products to their competitors, they just make the experience seamless. Apple's innovative curve prunes out popular trends and adopts only the ones that provide utility to each of their products. Apple are rarely ever the first to market with a new feature or a new technology (before the curve) but they always find a unique way to develop the most utility out of each new feature they release to their users (after the curve).

Another good example is, when we have look at how Typeform built their remarkable reputation on human-like experience (after the curve). There were data collection tools prior to Typeform. Typeform didn't uniquely invent online surveys, they just fine tuned the existing process and made it better, simpler, they made it more human, an innovative approach that made us all want to fill more forms and share our feedback.

In design, we often see trends rather than real innovation. Design styles like long drop shadows and parallax effects are good ideas that evolve into trends and then ossify at the innovation curve because they lack utility. Design innovations like flat design evolve out of a trend because they actually provide progression to design as a whole.  

As a creative design agency, our role is to focus on providing brands with meaningful design. We look at innovation as a byproduct of a better overall user experience. When we featured innovation in our Apparatus Narratives™ model, our whole intention wasn't aimed at brainstorming new innovative features for platforms that we build, but to let innovation fall in place by fully focusing on the experience of the user. Our goal is to provide more utility to the user experience and help users make more informed product decisions by allowing them to fully get immersed into the product, giving them the ability to get the originally intended experience of the product.

The beauty of this process is that, it allow us to focus on building upon and improving what users already know, without having to invent new, experimental features that may scare away the user, we just bring the hidden emotional touch to the surface under the same culture they already associate the product with.

If we walk into the creative brief process with the intention of innovating for a specific product, we probably will not arrive at basic, functional designs, and may even create something so progressive that it may not be successful.

Take Away: It's not What's Next, but What's Now

As a digital design and branding agency, our role in product experience design is to focus at driving innovation at all points of the curve by focusing on building deeper, more meaningful relationships with a brands' core consumer. By focusing and building upon what’s happening now, we’re able to create a useful user experience that drives innovation and defines the next move.

We will continue to share more insights and stories built around the Apparatus Narratives™