We recently shared an in-depth story behind the founding of Eazzy Labs. One thing that Folin didn't mentioned was, how our engineering team recently rebuilt our site from the ground up, based on a modern scalable infrastructure. Seen the latest look on the Eazzy Lab's website?

It took us a considerable amount of time to iterate through various designs since the first time we debut in the market. This is quite common in a startup setup where the team always tries to be as cool as possible. This was being done concurrently with the general setup process of the organization. Thanks to our agile team, we managed to publish the final option.

The goal of this engineering post, is to share our opinion and process on our brand development process as a creative digital agency, which forms part of the process-transparency.

The Brand Development

At Eazzy Labs, all of our work is always anchored towards a memorable brand experience to help create enduring connection with the people who interact with us by clearly articulating what we stand for as a brand.

As Folin mentioned on her recent post, in the current and future markets, customers will not only want to know about the products and services a business can provide, but the mission that drives the company at its core, the promise it’s making to its customers, and most importantly the brand experience that ties everything together. We believe that these engineering and design decisions forms a core bridge to our values, which is delivering the most value to our clients.

Design based on agile development

When we first started, we needed to get out the door, and be known, so we needed to bootstrap a website, while making sure that it's very unique. So the team opted for a rapid HTML, CSS and JavaScript template, which was very okay at the start, but as the size of the website grew, it really became so hard to keep up with the manual process. We needed a to find the best way to to rapidly develop the website and release new pages that kept growing on a daily basis. Besides, the engineering team felt that we needed to switch to a more modern stack, (it's a startup thing).

Transparency & Opinionated

When it comes to making business decisions, we believe that it is very key to be opinionated on key areas, and looking at the position of our company and the role we play as a digital agency, we felt that it is very important that the message about what we do, how we do it and how the process helps should be very clear and straightforward. One of the very early feedbacks we received from our initial designs, was that the message wasn't as clear, and so we needed to be more clear about what we really stand for.

Load Speeds & SEO

Our previous design was clean, fast and SEO friendly, but as I mentioned, the process was rather too manual. Despite having quick loads, with the latest updates, we managed to receive 100% load time on Google Site Speed Test

This is very key especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, which has ramped up, and our stats have so far scaled upwards.

Brand Personality & Color

Remember what I mentioned about the color choices? See below how the choices went from our first design choice to the final choice.

Color palette option 1

Our initial choice of color for the brand at the very early stage

Color palette option 2

The first attempt to overhaul the initial color choice and come up with a premium look

Color palette option 3

The third color palette option, which really had a huge external influence

The final and official choice: AKA color palette 4

The final color palette that borrows from our initial choices

We feel that the final choice resonates with our core values while also offering a more transparent brand presence. The engineering team and UX/UI design team still have some journey left in rolling out the final design choice.

From the engineering standpoint, we focused on delivering a blazing fast website with a very clean and minimal design. And we came to learn that our engineering team love working with the modern stack, again, it's a startup thing.

And the marketing and sales team had a role to play throughout the process. Each team came in to share their point of view on how the new and final design would impact their roles and how each part of the landing pages would effectively deliver in offering a flawless experience to our website visitors.

We hope that through our website, we will create some fond memories with our clients as well as improve the overall brand experience. And yes, the team is still actively pushing more updates.

With πŸ–€ from Engineering Team @eazzylabs