While partnerships are often created through opportunity, there's also an underlying strategy in order to establish and nurture the relationship in order to create the best outcomes for both parties.

Creating a centered trust, really is key early on in a client's project. One key thing that you  want to nature from the start of any project, is pretty much, heavy inclusion of the client in every bit of the development stage. Not only on the discovery phase but also in strategy and design phase.

You will come to realize that as the project starts to take shape, there will be countless micro-decisions that are being moulded and gets redone over and over.

  1. As the first approach, it's important to start by involving the client in the decision making process. It really alleviates some of the pressure of articulating why certain decisions were made.
  2. By creating a momentum within this atmosphere of trust and alignment early on, and it's going to streamline your decisions, and really, eliminate the need for unnecessary feedback throughout the journey with your client and the course of your project

Each partnership is unique in it's own right, and these are some insightful thoughts on how we've learned to embrace client participation early and often in our strategy and design phases to really help bring synergy throughout the entire project.

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