This quick post provides three insightful creative tips on how brands should approach branded content.

When approaching content in content creation brands should really consider 3 core things:

i. Context

Context is about understanding the situation or the moment in which somebody is gonna be interacting with or connecting with your brand.

For instance, if you have a story, you are going to present it in a completely different way or people are going to consume it in totally different way depending on the tools they use to consume the content. Say, if they are on a mobile device through social media verses if they are inside your branded retail space and they are interacting with that story.

ii. Add Value

The second focus should be adding value. When it comes to great content, it's always about giving something back to the end user, connecting with them in an indirect way by saying;

Hey, here is a piece of education that you can take and use later.

Hey, go ahead and share with your friends, because it's gonna give you some social cloud.

It gives something back to the your end user as opposed to directly saying, Hey come buy this product.

iii. Authenticity

The third point is authenticity, and this really helps to drive the first two points. You can add value or you can create content in the proper context, but if it's not presented with an authentic and unique point of view, it has a harder time connecting with the desired audience.

And authenticity is really rooted in understanding your Why?, What's your story?, Why do you even create products? It all starts at the heart of these questions, then you can begin to build up from there, by creating stories, content, and information around your purpose.

Take Away

It is very important to be authentic when creating branded content. Now, more than ever, media is accessible at the palm of our hands with purchase decisions being made with the tap of a finger. With this done right, your brand will be able to sell more goods or services to your audience while building your brand equity.