So what are the best practices for launching a new product into the market?

One of the best ways to know that you have a really well thought product that is sustainable, and stays focused on your core-brand truth is, if at the launch of the product, you are able to define the next set of features or where this product may go, then you know you are on to a great start.

Here are a couple of things you should always strive to achieve

  1. Constantly cross-reference your feature sets with your core-brand truth and eliminate any unsupported, or under-explored ideas or features.
  • This will allow you to design and develop a product that is straight to the point, and directly impacts the consumers, with no uncertainties on various approaches

2.  Always focus on the small details and do them well

  • Your product users, and generally everyone, always expect things to work well right off the bat. So it is very crucial for your team to maintain that mentality throughout the product design cycle so that every phase of the product has that same focus.

3.   Remember that you have to crawl before you walk

  • This is very key and most often forgotten, it takes time to develop a great product, which is coupled by market research and user tests. So it's important for your team to understand that they can't build a really great product just on one attempt.
  • And finally remember that simplicity is not only beneficial for your product design team for also for your product consumers.

Take Away

There’s so much to put into consideration when it comes to launching a new product into the market. As your product gets released into market, it will be instantly judged by current social consumers. So, in order for a product to form an honest relationship with its core users, it helps to strip the product down to its strongest features by relying on the core benefits of the product.

The key take away here is that, it's very important to constantly cross-reference your feature sets with your brand truths; It also helps to sweat the small stuff, making sure throughout the entire design process that the product functions flawlessly and has a deeper emotional attachment to the consumer.