Taking The First Step

It is true, that there are plenty of other agencies with the East African region, so what made us strongly believe that there was room for another one? When it comes to choosing and working with a digital agency, it is quite natural that you'd expect every item on your marketing wish list checked, and that you'd find an agency that believes in what you do and stand for, a key factor that propelled our go-to-market decision.

For those who have had a chance to work with an agency in the region, or have attempted to, can attest to the fact that there is this feeling of frustration, and mostly coupled with false claims to be able to drive your sales up by +500% within a week or so. We did conduct a comprehensive market research, just to get a hands-on experience on what the market is like, and we kept finding the same frustrations and asking the same questions, time and time again.

There is lack of personal involvement, belief, commitment, and trust in the process, we even came across a number of clients crying foul for how they invested an x amount of money with the promise that they'd get such massive returns on their investments, just to end up with negative results and stagnated sales. This broke our hearts, it really did, because we believe that anyone who invests their capital towards a change should get the value.

To get to the root of the problem, it came to our realization that, this mostly happened after a client was promised to be given heavens, within such a short period of time, which is entirely not possible, especially when you get back to the actual actions.

So what is lacking?

Lack of honesty & trust in the process

One thing we strongly believe in, is building a lasting trust with the client, and this is not just any level of trust, but the level that makes them trust us as much as they trust their own employees. In real sense, when you choose to work with an external agency, it is more of a process of extending the capabilities of your current team by letting an external expert team come in and work together with the internal team.

And this is why we believe in transparency of the process, transparency of what it takes to deliver, transparency on how long it takes to deliver, and transparency on how much it takes to deliver.

Lack of creativity

This was a bit surprising for us actually, since we believe that the concept behind any marketing/creative agency is to be all about helping deliver some new, creative and exciting ideas and value through the process. But to our surprise very few actually embraced this idea.

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Don't move! He can't see us if we don't move

We believe that the region deserves to have access to an agency that spikes some level of creativity and excitement, and adds creative ideas to the mix, and always ready to embrace creativity and put it at the fore-front of the processes involved in order to add some humor by sprinkling moderate level of monkey business onto mix, all these coupled with an inner drive to deliver value and make a mark.

Lack of innovation

With a limited number of institutions in the region innovating around their services and products. We believe in the power of innovation, and the role it plays as the key to unlock the region's market capabilities and its impact to the economy growth. What better way to deliver this via home-grown innovative tools and processes to help in the product awareness creation and delivery by leveraging on user experience.

This drove us to play a key role, to strategically position ourself to ensure that almost all businesses across different industries can get a chance to experience these innovative products and services, thus giving the region a chance to take advantage of the emerging technologies currently taking over the world by storm. And that's how Smart Lab, where anything is possible was established.

And we couldn't be more proud of our ability to demonstrate our capabilities to deliver on this innovative front through our latest tools that we have managed to bring to the market, especially the Business Intelligence Tool and the Modern Advanced Analytics Tool, not forgetting our forever growing AR and Lens studios. We see the Smart Lab being at the center of all these innovative marketing solutions especially based on the fact that all these are from a home-grown agency that shares a vision and believes in the capabilities of innovation and its impacts to our economy.

We believe in branding capabilities

So back to the frustrations we experienced during our market research, we discovered that branding never played a profound role in the process, and barely played a role. There are so many amazing companies and businesses that are helping change our lives in the region. And one key thing that we realized the lack of a center focus for brand development and awareness creation.

We believe that every organization deserves to have a well established, well researched, well designed and well developed brand presence, that goes in line with what they believe in as an organization. The fact is, the current and next generation care so much about a well developed brand presence over any other business that would exist for the sake of it's existence.

It is also quite natural that to be able to develop creative ideas, we needed to be as diverse as possible, to ensure that our clients would always be guaranteed of creative approaches, thus our strong believe in the power of diversity.

That just about wraps it up for why we exist and what we believe in what every organization in the market deserves, whether small, big, just starting up or have existed for decades. Are we the master piece? Well, not yet, and that's why we are hyper focused on doing better, and being better at every single thing we do. If we don’t know something, we learn it. If we need help, we ask for it. If there’s a ceiling, we break it - and help others break theirs.